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“I relocated to Ghana at a time when ‘dumsor’ was at its best and much as I wanted to do something else, I realised that it was worthwhile looking at the solutions to curb ‘dumsor’ and solar, to me, is the best solution.

Our objective is to create awareness and since ubiquity fosters emulation we hope to create more awareness and we are on course. As we gradually install solar panels on roofs others will get curious and ask more about it. I believe we have come a long way.

My main focus is to establish solar energy as a key source of energy in this country, just as the Europeans are doing. We want to have each home generate its own power and it is very possible in our country.

The only feasible way of helping homes reduce their reliance on the national grid is solar. It is the easiest and most practical solution in getting as many homes as possible off the grid. This is our focus.

We are very particular about maintenance. If you look at the small solar power plants constructed around, a lot have been left to the mercy of the weather. These panels are so dirty which render these panels blind and so they don’t produce at optimum value.

With panel blindness you reduce capacity to 50percent. We intend to sign maintenance agreements to keep the solar plants working at optimum value. So we will see to it that the panels are regularly cleaned, panel temperature and batteries are running at efficient levels.

We go beyond designing and installing a solar system. We advise customers to replace energy-wasting bulbs and other appliances with cost-effective energy saving devices, and even offer suggestions to remodel customers’ homes to take full advantage of natural cooling and lighting.

UMAWA gives you solutions for reliable power, year after year. Solar costs are coming down and getting more competitive with generators and other conventional power sources.”

Francis Kwaku Mensah

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