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Solar Water Heater

Water heaterOur Solar Water Heating Solution is a cost-effective way of heating water for use (at home and commercial kitchens where hot water is needed). In reducing electricity bills in the face of rising electricity tariffs,UMAWA Ltd installs solar water heating systems that can cover almost all your hot water needs.With an average of 70% of water heating energy coming from the sun, it is an economically sound investment for both new and existing buildings that have water heater systems suitable for this installation.Furthermore, our option has a conventional heating system that heats up the storage tank to the desired set temperature, when the solar radiation is insufficient. UMAWA Ltd offers this product in customized packages for various consumer water heating needs.


  • Unlimited and free energy source for heating water (the sun).
  • Reduced electricity bills.
  • Availability of hot water at any given time.

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